Bela Vista Produtos Enzimáticos Indústria e Comércio

The Company

The Company was born in the 1970's in the town of Alto Bela Vista, midwest of the State of Santa Catarina, which at that time belonged to the municipality of Concordia. At the beginning of its activities, the company only packaged and resold the Cocha from other factories. In 1978, the company was acquired and revolutionized by a competent entrepreneur, Mr. Arturo Sghedoni, with a vast knowledge of the dairy sector and, aware of the importance of Coalho as an input of production of that sector and, of the need of a Brazilian company, produced it within high standards of Quality. With a lot of work, determination and creativity, he started effectively the production of rennet in the Company and transformed the dream of seeing his brand and his products known and used throughout Brazil in reality.

Since then, the company has been of great importance to Alto Bela Vista both as an employer and as a taxpayer, and certainly its presence in this locality contributed to the municipality achieving its emancipation, which occurred on July 4, 1995.

Bela Vista Produtos Enzimáticos is a genuinely Brazilian Company and has encouraged its shareholders to found other companies, always following its principles of customer appreciation and its business ethics throughout the National Milk industry.

Like all large companies, Bela Vista Enzymes Products seeks the excellence of its products, in a process of continuous improvement, seeking support in Quality Assurance Systems, in improving its staff and in the search for new technologies to improve its processes productive, always respecting the environment and integrated with the Belavistense community.

Bela Vista counts on solid partnerships abroad, acting together for the development of Dairy Cultures adapted to the Brazilian reality, of excellent quality, for the production of cheeses and yoghurts.

Bela Vista Enzymatic Products makes plans for the future, we want to increase our participation in the domestic market and to expand exports both to Mercosur and to other countries in the world. To do so, the search for high quality products and competitive costs is indispensable to compete on equal terms in globalized markets.

New partnerships are being sought in Brazil and abroad to complement our mix of products offered to the dairy sector.

Respect for the environment will also always be our focus, operating with sustainable production processes will be more and more indispensable, and we are adapted to this new reality.