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Chlorine Dioxide BV

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  • Description:
    Chlorine Dioxide BV is a universal and widely used oxidizer and disinfectant for many applications.
    - Bactericide / Fungicide / Algaecide / Viricide / Whitener / Deodorant.
    - Acts on bacteria / fungi (molds and yeasts) / viruses / spores.
    - Does not attack metal even in high concentrations.
    - No strong odor.
    - Stable even when diluted.
    - Non toxic.
    - Leaves no residue.
    - Great application advantages when compared to sodium hypochlorite and peracetic acid.

    Areas of application:
    - Sanitization of benches, equipment, floors and walls, water tanks.
    - Water disinfection.
    - Prevention and Control in the development of biofilms.
    - Vegetable washing.

    Available in 5kg and 1kg packages.